Blues Clues is making a new episode

and they're talking Nothing about shelly But i have proof that They're still making blues clues season 7

Here is the first episode

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And some boring text

"They come back And Joe went missing Due to people hating him like that They revealed that Joe is not steves brother! And... They lied about steve going to college... he actually said he is going to give up and joe is trying to hypnotize people around the house but Steve tried to fake himself dying... Actually he is'nt dead They said that he died on the news but they were wrong! news reporters also said that joe was also dead but nowhere to be found. They then find a mystery lady named "Shelly" then she signed up as the new host. unlike Microsoft sam he was found with a rifle or a rofl-47 which that in case means that the people stole his rofl-47... And his roflcopter. and shelly had some powers kinda like blue but different. and as to blue aliens zapped her and shelly was abducted by aliens. However blue was still alive and she made her notebook and stashed it into sidetable drawer! so steve had to take over still and then they fixed the house. blah blah blah. and then later shelly was seen and steve dissapearred before the viewers eyes. later.. Shelly was on a tv channel called Busted TV and then she went into a hotel room (VIP) hotel room of course and then... this happend... "a mystery person said "Get the f*** out of this room like srsly get the f*** out just get the f*** out of my house k" and it continues on. later after joe was let out of jail he came back and almost killed steve! and crap so then these people tried and tried then some nazis come up at the door and someone shot hitler dead Revealing him to be the devil and comes back up! afterwards every other nazi was killed and god almighty kills the devil after trying to sh**t on them. later the show goes on as usual MS sam says : "Roll camera. Cue the sheild" but there wasnt a sheild so then someone tries. the show goes on as usual and they found the first clue which is spotted on an alien ship U.F.O k and drawnwnnwewnwnnwnwnwnnwnnenwnenwnenwnenwnn it. Later some people find this unsexy but it happend! the show goesonananannannanonanonanonaonaonononon! bla bla bla bla bla bla! then finally Some people find this unoffensive! then someone named memy9909 comes into baxters room and does sH!!T to them later Memy was shot 9999999999999999999999999 times WHile this is unfunny! HAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHH later some people found the second clue which was some shitty joke Later. Someone names miklosmac got shot down by the people of roflica and however justin bieber shown up and was sent down to the sewer by shelly.. then people made this a goanimate video and people were sent to this website and they never wanted people to go there so then people got terminated then the third clue was found which was a punchline then people said that and crappppppppppppppppoopsofiol;d,mjgolosjuoflewdslxjiodshoiehsdijheosidfhioueroifeiofohuhuighuohiuouierhiguiohiohojiiojsig later they go to that fucking thinking chair and people were send to there and then people died The end."

for the full version go to here It even has episode 2