These are the episodes that are seen before the final release

Season 1

Snack Time: The graphics are used from Blue Prints. But Steve is still using the Green striped shirt. When Steve says "We'll play Blue's Clues" The sound effect is from "What Does Blue Need?" Drumroll wasn't heard when Steve says It's time for Thinking Chair, But it is heard when Steve says Now We are in the Thinking Chair.

  • In the Alpha Release, Steve is still wearing his red shirt.

What Time is it For Blue?: The voiceovers for "A Clue!" and "Notebook!" are used from Snack Time, Also the "Thinking Chair!" phrase wasn't heard. The Cymbol is heard when Steve founds book as a clue. During the So Long Song, Steve walks to the living room.

  • In the Final Beta Release, On the third clue part. The "Notebook!" phrase from Mailbox's Birthday is heard.

Mailbox's Birthday: Mailbox appears during the skidoo scene.


Mailtime What Story Does Blue Want to Play Beta