Plot Edit

This is a story by Littlebat10. In the story Joe, Blue, and Steve go on a bunch of different adventures. This is based off of Littlebat10's comic he made.

Transcript Edit

Joe: Blue?

Blue: Bow?

Joe: Steve is coming to live with us again!

Blue: Bow Bow!

Random Picture: (BAM! BAM! BAM!)

Joe: It's coming from this picture!

Blue and Joe skidoo into the picture and find themselves in a bunker with some woman.

Joe: Hi Lucy!

Lucy How do you know my name?

Joe: Your nametag.

Blue: BOW!

A zombie busts through the door.

Lucy: My gun is jammed!

Joe: What do we do?

Lucy: Run!

Blue, Joe and Lucy run out with the picture of home. They soon are cornered.

Lucy: Skidoo back home! I'll fend them off.

Joe and Blue skidoo back home.

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