Steve has lost his voice for Blue's Big Concert, and so, Mr Salt , Mrs Pepper , & Shovel play "Blue's Clues" to figure out who's going to sing with Blue. The clues are: Purple Glasses, Pink Spots and Microphone. It turns out Magenta wants to sing with Blue! The song they sing is "Row Row Row Your Boat". It is a nod to "Blue's Big Musical Movie".

Released: October 10, 1997

  • Steve Has The Same Hairstyle From Blue's Birthday
  • So Long Song Clip Is From What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try, But Has The Same Vocals Is From What Game Does Blue Want To Learn

Characters PresentEdit

  • Steve
  • Blue
  • Felt Friends
  • Sidetable Drawer
  • Mailbox
  • Mr Salt
  • Mrs Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Shovel
  • Magenta
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