Clueless is a Blue's Clues spin-off show based on the "Clueless" artwork by Tenshilove. 


The story revolves around a distraught college drop-out named Steve and his encounters and adventures with a blue dog and a magical house full of talking furniture. When he makes the wish to be saved from the horrors of adult life, Steve finds himself in possesion of a very colorful house, and a very colorful dog. Steve must cope with his new magical life and find his way out of the depression the old one left him in. All while trying to convince his brother Joe (and himself) that he's not insane. Follow Steve and Blue in this odd-ball adventure filled with fimiliar faces and a new outlook of Nick Jr's Blue's Clues.

The talking objects in the show now have the ability to turn into human forms of themselves. Blue, Green Puppy, and Magenta have human forms as well, but they can only turn into their human forms when Steve's not around. The characters (except Blue, Magenta, Green Puppy, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Steve, and Joe) are mischevious at times and sometimes their antics put Steve into trouble.