Miranda Cosgrove as Shelley on Blue's Clues
Vital statistics
Name Shelley
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Shelley's Grandma
Friends Joe, Steve, Blue, You
First Appearance Blue's New Television
Last Appearance Joe And Shelley Goes To Vacation
Voice actress Miranda Cosgrove

Shelley is a female human from Blue's Clues who took over the show on Season 7, But She never made a TV appearance of Barney & Friends TV series. She was played by Miranda Cosgrove.

Trivia Edit

Shelley never appeared with Keesha, Jeff, Tony, Andy, Gianna, David, Miguel, Maria, Taylor, Whitney, Carlos, Sean Abel, Stephen, or any of the Backyard Gang kids (Michael, Jeffrey, Luci, Derek, Adam, Amy and Tina)