Lincoln Gets A Clue is a fan-made Blue's Clues episode written by Thunderbird1InternationalRescue

Disclaimer Edit

All content belongs to their rightful owners and not the author.

Story Edit

(The viewers come into the house and see James with an 11-year-old boy next to him.)

James: Hey there! Glad you could make it! I'm sure a lot of you know him already, but with me today's my new friend Lincoln Loud from The Loud House.

Lincoln: Hello, everyone!

James: And Lincoln's here to spend some time with us because he's on vacation from all the chaos he endures everyday. Right, Linc?

Lincoln: You got it! And this place is even better than my house! I especially like the wallpapers for every room.

James: So, Lincoln, what do you want to do today?

Lincoln: I don't know, to be honest.

James: Neither do I.

(Blue enters.)

Blue: Hey, guys! What's up?

James: We can't decide on what to do. Any ideas?

Blue: Yes, actually.

Lincoln: Really? What is it?

Blue: Well, you'll just have to play Blue's Clues and figure it out!

(Blue places a paw-print on the screen)

James: Great idea! *runs over* We'll play Blue's Clues to figure it out!

(James sings the "We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues" song as Lincoln runs over, confused.)

Lincoln: Oh! that's the game you were telling me about!

James: Yeah! So, remember, Blue's paw-prints will be on the clues.

Lincoln: Blue's clues?

James: Precisely. Now, to get rid of this paw-print.

Lincoln: I got this. *folds the paw-print into a paper airplane and throws it out the window*

James: Wow. You're good.

Lincoln: Thank you. Now what do we do?

James: Now we just need to get our Handy Dandy Notebook.

Sidetable Drawer: One notebook coming up! *tosses it*

James: *takes a catcher glove out of his pocket and catches the notebook* Got it!

Lincoln: Nice catch!

James: Thank you. (at the viewers) You know, I can tell me and Lincoln are going to need your help figuring out what Blue wants to do. You will help right? You will? Great!

(James and Lincoln walk along while singing the "We Are Looking For Blue's Clues" song. It doesn't take long for them to pass a wedge of cheese with a paw-print on it.)

Kid: A clue! A clue!

James: What was that?

Kid: A clue!

James: Shoe? My shoe's untied? *looks down* No, I don't think so.

Lincoln: Uh, James, I think they mean "A clue".

James: Oh, you see a clue! Where?

Kid: Right there!

(James and Lincoln turn and see the cheese.)

James: Ah-ha! There's our first clue! And it's on this wedge of cheese!

Lincoln: So that must mean cheese is our first clue!

James: That's right!

Lincoln: Now what?

James: Now we draw it with our Handy Dandy?

Kids: Notebook!

James: *pulls out his notebook* Notebook! Right! *opens it* So, cheese. *while drawing the clue* First, we'll draw a rectangle for the side, a triangle on top, and some circles for the little holes. *finishes* And there, cheese! So, we're trying to figure out what Blue wants to do. And our first clue is cheese. *the cheese drawing flies out* So what could Blue want to do with cheese?

Lincoln: Maybe Blue wants to make and have cheese fondue. That's something we can do with cheese.

James: That is a good guess, but we only have one clue. We just need two more.

Lincoln: Oh, right.


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