Here's a list of Blue's Clues DVD's.

Before Flipine Studios

Here are the ones Before Flipline Studios for 2014

  1. Blue's Big Absent (DVD 6/15/14) Nature/Shy/Stormy Weather/Hide & Seek
  2. Blue's Clues: Season 4 Adventure (DVD 6/18/14) Something To Do Blue/Blue's School/Blue's Book Nook/Steve Goes To College
  3. Blue On Humongous Entertainment (DVD 6/21/14) What Does Blue Need/Blue's Favorite Song/Tickety Tock's Favorite Nursery Rhyme/The Trying Game/What Time Is It For Blue/A Snowy Day/Snack Time/Geography/Blue's ABC's/Math/Blue Wants To Play A Song Game/Blue's Birthday/Adventures In Art/What Does Blue Want To Make/Blue's Story Time/What Story Does Blue Want To Play
  4. Peanuts Specials (DVD 6/24/14) It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown/A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/A Charlie Brown Christmas/It's The Pied Piper Charlie Brown

Flipline Studios Galaxy Performance 4 The Holidays

Here's what's on Flipline Studios 4 The Holidays

  1. Blue's Back To Basics (DVD 6/27/14) Blue's News/The Grow Show/Blue Goes To The Beach/Blue Wants To Play A Game/Pretend Time/What Is Blue Afraid Of/Mailbox's Birthday
  2. Blue's Big Adventure (DVD 6/30/14) Blue's Surprise @ 2:00/Blue's Sad Day/The Lost Episode/What Game Blue Wants To Learn/Anatomy/Blue's Big Holiday/Environments/Occupations/Signs/What's So Funny/Words
  3. Blue's Big Expedition (DVD 7/3/14) Blue's Big Treasure Hunt/Art Appreciation/Blue's Play/Cafe Blue/Draw Along With Blue/Inventions/Prehistoric Blue/The Wrong Shirt/Weight & Balance/What's That Sound
  4. Blue's Big Science (DVD 7/6/14) Steve Gets The Sniffles/Blue's Senses/Mechanics/What Does Blue Want To Build/Blue's Big Pajama Party/What Does Blue's Dream About/What Experiment Blue Wants To Try/What Does Blue Make Out Of Recycled Things
  5. Magenta Comes Over (DVD 7/9/14) Blue Is Frustrated/What Is Blue Trying To Do/What Does Blue Want To Do On A Rainy Day/What Did Blue See/Bedtime Business Song/Magenta Comes Over/What Does Blue Want To Do With Her Picture/Animal Behavior/Nurture/Presto's Magic House/Incredible Presto/The Great UmiCar Rescue/Crazy Skates/Milli Saves The Day
  6. Blue's Big Specials (DVD 7/12/14) Pool Party/Magenta Gets Glasses/Thankful/Blue's Big Costume Party/The Crayon Prix/Fishketball/Legend O fPinkfoot/Spring Chicken Is Coming/Super Shrimptenial Celebration/Adopt Bubble Puppy/Happy Clam Day
  7. Periwinkle's Big Specials (DVD 7/15/14) Periwinkle Misses His Friend/Blue's Big Mystery/Blue's Collection/Blue's Big Musical Movie