Jons Clues

It Me Jon Hello im A Clue

So What A Show With Me Jon

Man Mail Time Mail Time

Jon Look Garfield It Your Mail

Garfield Yes All Ready

Jon Garfield Your Skidoo Strawberry Land And You Get Back

Garfield Of Couse I Can

[Garfield Sings Here The Mail It Never Fails It Makes Me Wanna A Tag My Tail When It Comes I Want Wail Mailllllllllll!]

Garfield Hi Mailbox

Mailbox Hi A Cat Guess What

Garfield What Is It

Mailbox I Know Your Seconds jons Clues

Garfield Really

Mailbox I Do Is Your Letter

Strawberry Shortcake Hi Garfield Your Seconds Clue Is This Way Come On

Mailbox How You Get Here

Garfield I Don't Know This Is Strawberry Land

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