2nd Episode of New Version Season 1

The Snack Chart
Snack Chart

3 Clues

Chocolate Syrup

Incorrect Answer

Put Chocolate Syrup in the Straw and Pour the Milk

Answer to Blue's Clues

Chocolate Milk

Next Episode

What Does Blue Wants to Make?

Magic Phrase Location

Nutty Forest

Characters Edit

Voiceovers for CluesEdit

  • Adventures in Art - She Went That Way
    She Went That Way (Adventures in Art)


  • What Experiment Does Blue wants to Try? - A Clue A Clue
    A Clue A Clue (What Experiment Does Blue wants to Try?)
  • Hide and Seek - No A Clue
    No! A Clue! (Hide and Seek)
  • Blue Wants to Play a Song Game - Notebook
    Notebook (Blue Wants to Play a Song Game)


  • Adventures in Art - It's A Clue
    It's A Clue (Adventures in Art)
  • Blue's ABCs - No! A Clue!
    No! A Clue! (Blue's ABC's)
  • Snack Time - Right There!
    Right There! (Snack Time)
  • Blue's Big Mystery - Notebook
    Notebook (Blue's Big Mystery)

Chocolate Syrup

  • Words - A Clue!
    A Clue! (Words)
  • The Grow Show - No! A Clue!
    No! A Clue! (The Grow Show)
  • What Time Is it For Blue? - Notebook
    Notebook (What Time Is it For Blue?)
  • Blue's Story Time - Thinking Chair
    Thinking Chair (Story Time)
Thinking Chair Music from Senses
Thinking Chair Music

Incorrect Answer and Answer to Blue's Clues

  • Pretend Time - No!
    No! (Pretend Time)
  • Snack Chart - Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk (Snack Chart)

Magic Phrase Edit

  • Home Sweet Homes - Shimbaree, Shimbarah
    Shimbaree, Shimbarah (Home Sweet Homes)

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