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What Blue Wants to Make Music?

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What Blue Wants to Make Music? is 5th Episode of Season 1

What Blue Wants to Make Music?

3 Clues

1. Pot Lids
2. Drum
3. Marching Toy

Incorrect Answer

Put Pot Lids on the Drum and March that Toy

Answer to Blue's Clues

Marching Band Parade


Season 1 Episode 5


Te Amo Book

Previous Episode

What Dora wants to Draw?

Next Episode

What Boots wants to Play?

Character Presents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Before Me and My Teddy in the Letter After Randy and Mailbox Sings "When it Comes we Wanna Wail MAIL!"
  • Me and My Teddy is in the Letter Footage from Barney Live in New York City

Gallery Edit

Watch VideoEdit

What Blue wants to Make Music Credits00:54

What Blue wants to Make Music Credits

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