Have to Figure Out What Else Blue Wants for Her Lunch.

Aired: January 25, 1997
Blue lunch

Characters PresentEdit

  • Steve
  • Kevin (UK Version)
  • Blue
  • Mailbox
  • Mr. Salt
  • Mrs. Pepper
  • Tickety
  • Slippery
  • Shovel
  • Pail
  • Sidetable
  • Larry Suman
  • Ron Cramer
  • Chris Cramer
  • John Travolta
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Eric Harris
  • Dylan Klebold
  • Steve Stephens

RecapEdit Steve welcomes the viewer into the Blue's Clues house, saying that he & Blue are putting plates and silverware out because it is lunch time. They hear a knock at the door, and go to answer it. When they open the Door, they are greeted by Eric and Dylan, who put Glocks to their skulls, they threaten to shoot up the Blue's Clues home, when their plans are thwarted by Larry Suman, who comes in and deflects the bullets with his Bald-Ass head. Steve thanks Larry for saving their lives and invites to skidoo to their favorite skidoo spot, 1939 Germany. Where they are greeted by former Nazi Leader, Adolf Hitler. Where he is having a secret meeting with God and Jesus Christ, A.K.A Ron and Chris Cramer. Hitler greets Steve, Larry, and Blue and asks them to sit down. Steve says that Blue is hungry, and asks Hitler if it wouldn't be too much to get Blue something to eat, Hitler says it's no problem. He gets an S.S. Solder to bring him some charred flesh from Auschwitz. God Cramer gives Blue some Wine, and they are on their way. When they get back, Steve Stephens is at the door asking if they know Joy Lane, they say no, and this time Larry is not able to deflect the bullets with his Bald Ass and Steve collapses... dead. R.I.P my Nigga Steve. TriviaEdit This is one of the few Blue's Clues episodes to have a unique ending. Blues Clues was shortly canceled after this Larry Suman didn't realize he was a disciple of Christ until he met the Cramers. Help Me. CluesEdit Corpse SMG Gas Chamber AnswerEdit Why do you care? SkidooEdit Bikini Bottom Wrong Answer


The ad shown at the end of the episode00:54

The ad shown at the end of the episode

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