(The episode starts with Reece inviting the viewers into his house)

Reece: Yo, yo, yo, dawgs! Glad y'all could come here. Bubbles and I are playing video games. Come on!

(He heads to TV room where Bubbles is playing "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered" on the PS4)

Reece: Yo, Bubbles. Look who's here!

Bubbles: Hi!

Reece: Can I play with you?

Bubbles: Sure

(Reece takes a secondary PS4 controller and plays along with Bubbles. Dissolve to a few minutes later. They have completed the mission)

Reece: Aight! We completed the mission! Yo, Bubbles. Wanna continue playin'?

Bubbles: No

Reece: Aight, so what game you wanna play?

(Bubbles runs up to the screen, takes out her bubble mix and wand and blows a giant bubble at the screen)

Reece: (runs up to the screen) Oh, aight! We's gon' play Bubbles' Clues to find out what video game Bubbles wants to play!

(Reece sings the "We Are Gonna Play Bubbles' Clues" song)

Reece: Aight, now bout dis bubble....Oh! I know, Imma pop it with dis needle!

(He takes out a sharp needle from his pocket and pops the bubble which bursts)

Reece: Aight, now Imma get my handy dandy notebook!

(He walks up to Sidetable Drawer)

Sidetable: Bubbles' Clues! I'm so excited! (She opens her drawer to give Reece his notebook)

Reece: (takes the notebook) Thanks, man. Aight, now to play Bubbles' Clues, we's gotta find an object with a.....

Viewers: Bubble!

Reece: And if y'all see an object in a bubble, dat's a....

Viewers: Clue!

Reece: Word. And where do we put it down in?

Viewers: A notebook!

Reece: Right



Cause they's Bubbles' Clues, Bubbles' Clues!


Bubbles' Clues!


We's gotta find what's it a bubble. Dat's the first clue. We put it in our notebook cause they's Bubbles Clues, Bubbles' Clues!


We's gotta find what's in a bubble. Dat's the second clue. We put it in our notebook cause they's Bubbles Clues, Bubbles' Clues!


Bubbles' Clues!


We's gotta find what's it a bubble. Dat's the third clue. We put it in our notebook cause they's Bubbles Clues, Bubbles' Clues!


Bubbles' Clues!


And then we sit down in our thinking chair and think, think, think....cos' when we use our minds to take a step at a time, we can do anything that we wanna do!

(Song ends)

Reece: Aight, now. We's gon' look for some of Bubbles' Clues. C'mon!

(He heads through the house singing the "We Are Looking for Bubbles' Clues" song. As he walks, he passes some blocks that are inside of a bubble)

Viewers: A clue!

Reece: Y'all see a clue? Where?

Viewers: Behind you!

(Reece turns around and sees the clue)

Reece: The clue! Y'all can tell dat it's a clue cos' it's in a bubble! (walks over to the clue) It's blocks! Y'all know what we need? Our handy dandy notebook!

(He gets out his notebook and starts drawing the blocks)

Reece: There, now we's got some blocks. Blocks? I reckon we's gotta find our next two clues

(All of a sudden, he hears Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper talking)

Mr. Salt: (from o.s.) Aw, dang! Lost again!

Reece: What's up over there? Let's go check it out

(He heads to the kitchen. There, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are playing "Frogger" on the Game Boy Color)

Reece: Eh, yo. What up, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper?

Mrs. Pepper: Hi, Reece

Mr. Salt: We're playing "Frogger"

Ms. Pepper: But, we can't finish the game

Mr. Salt/Mrs. Pepper: Can you help us?

Reece: Aight. So, how's dis game played?

Mr. Salt: Well, you have to make this frog cross a busy road and avoid hazards in the river

Reece: Aight, can I play dis?

Mrs. Pepper: Sure

(She hands Reece the Game Boy and he tries to play. Cut to the screen of the Game Boy)

Reece: (from o.s.) Aight, so. You's gotta make the frog cross the road without gettin' ran over. Aight, lemme try dis out

(He moves the frog across the road and is able to succeed)

Reece: (from o.s.) Aight, now what?

Viewers: Cross the river without falling in

Reece: (from o.s.) Right

(He does so and succeeds)

Reece: Aight, I won!

Mr. Salt/Mrs. Pepper: Good job, Reece!

Mr. Salt: Now, let's try!

(Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper try playing the game and they win)

Mr. Salt/Mrs. Pepper: We won!

Reece: Good job, dawgs

Bubbles: (from o.s.) Hey, Reece!

Reece: Dat's Bubbles! C'mon!

(He leaves the kitchen and heads outside. There, he sees Bubbles)

Reece: Yo, Bubbles

Bubbles: Hi

Reece: Left us anymore clues?

Bubbles: You bet. Now come on!

Reece: Word. C'mon, dawgs

(He follows Bubbles and passes by a bubble with a pickaxe in it)

Viewers: A clue!

Reece: (walks back) A clue? Where?

Viewers: Right there!

(Reece turns around and sees the clue)

Reece: A clue! It's a pickaxe! A pickaxe...? Aight, then. Y'all know what it's time for. My handy dandy.....notebook!

(He takes out his notebook and draws a pickaxe)

Reece: Aight, now. What was our first clue?

Viewers: Blocks!

Reece: Word. Blocks. And now, our first clue is...

Viewers: A pickaxe!

Reece: A pickaxe. So, what game does Bubbles wanna play with blocks and a pickaxe? We's gotta find our last clue!

Shovel: (from o.s.) Hey, Reece! Can you come here?

Reece: Dat must be Shovel and Pail. Let's go have a word with em

(He walks up to Shovel and Pail who are sitting with Bubbles in the backyard playing the game, "Rollick")

Pail: Hey, Reece

Bubbles: Hi

Reece: Yo, yo, yo. Yo, Bubbles

Shovel: We're playing a game called Rollick

Pail: Except....we don't know how to play the game

Shovel: You know, Bubbles?

Bubbles: Nope

Reece: Aw. Hold on a sec, I know how to play dis

Shovel/Pail: How?

Reece: The point of dis game is you's gotta split up into two teams and you's gotta guess what the audience is doin'. Kinda a bit like Charades

Shovel: Aight

Reece: Now, which one of us is gon' be first?

Shovel: I will

(He walks away from the group as Bubbles takes a card. The certain card they got was "Slow-Motion". The three of them start walking in slow-motion)

Shovel: Uh, zombies!

Reece: Naw

Shovel: Um, hippopotamuses?

Bubbles: No

Reece: Here, Imma give you a hint. (talking in slow-motion) Caaaannnn.....yyoooouuuu.....gggguueeessssss .....nooooowwwww?

Shovel: Walking in slow-motion?

Pail: Yeah

Bubbles: Okay, now it's my turn

(She walks in front of the group as they take the card that reads "Rowboat". They pretend as if they're rowing a row boat)

Bubbles: Uh, digging up the ground?

Shovel: No

Bubbles: Oh! I know, rowing a boat

Reece: Eh, you right!

Pail: Yeah

Reece: Cool

(All of a sudden, the mailtime song plays)


Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime....MAILTIME!

Reece: Yo, looks like we's got mail here. C'mon, dawgs

(He runs into the living room and sings the Mailtime song)


Here's the mail it nevah fails. It nevah evah does for real, when it comes I wanna holla MAIL!!!!!!

(Song ends, Reece sits in the Thinking Chair as Mailbox enters)

Reece: Eh, yo Mailbox. What up?

Mailbox: Aw, nothin' much. Y'know what my favorite video game is by the way?

Reece: What?

Mailbox: Snail Mail! and here's yo letter! (he opens his door to give Reece the letter which he takes)

Reece: We just gotta letter!


We just gotta letter, we just gotta letter. We just gotta letter I wonder who it's from?

(Song ends, he opens the letter and it turns out to be two teenage guys playing Grand Theft Auto V online. Cut to them)

Teenager #1: Eh, yo Reece!

Teenager #2: We's playin' GTA 5!

(The two guys play the game. Then, they unlock the fortieth rank, Off The Radar Reveal Players)

Teenagers: Peace, Reece!

(Cut back to Reece)

Reece: Peace. (closes the letter) Eh, yo. I reckon we's gotta find our last clue

(Just then, someone calls out to Reece)

Voice: Hey, Reece!

Reece: Who's dat callin' me? How bout we go check it out?

(He walks back to the TV room. It turns out it was Sonic the Hedgehog who is in the TV. He is in the Final Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game)

Reece: Well, if it ain't my good ol' homeboy Sonic the Hedgehog. What's the deal, man?

Sonic: I need yo help

Reece: Whatcha want, dawg?

Sonic: I'm in the last stage in my game and I can't defeat that jerk, Robotnik!

(Cut to said guy inside one of the pistons)

Robotnik: Ha ha!

Sonic: I need your help!

Reece: Dontcha holla, Sonic. Imma help you out

Bubbles: (runs up) Wait, don't forget me!

(She jumps into the game)

Reece: Did y'all see dat? Bubbles just jumped into dat game! Let's go too. (singing) Bubbles skidoo, we can too!

(He jumps into the game as well. Cut to inside the game)

Sonic: Cool dat y'all could join I can't do dis all on my own

Reece: No probs, dawg

Bubbles: How do you do this, Reece?

Reece: I know how to, Bubbles. You's gotta hit the crap outta Robotnik in one of deez four pistons eight times without gettin' crushed. And also you's gotta watch out for deez electric generators dat fire out four lasers at ya

Bubbles: Alright

Sonic: Guys, look! He's coming! Now!

(The three of them punch the piston in which Robotnik is standing in without being crushed)

Reece: Cool!

Sonic: Watch out!

(The electric generators charge up and fire four lasers at the three of them which they dodge)

Bubbles: That was a close one

(Dissolve to later. The three of them have succeeded so far. Then, when it comes to the last hit, Bubbles gets crushed)

Reece: BUBBLES! (growls) Robotnik!

Robotnik: Ha ha! I crushed your girlfriend, loser!

(Then, Bubbles reappears next to Reece)

Reece: Bubbles! (hugs her)

Robotnik: What?!

Reece: Now, finish the dawg off, girl!

Bubbles: Yeah!

(She flies up, enraged to Robotnik and kicks the piston including Robotnik which mades the pistons explode. Then, Robotnik runs away)

Robotnik: Ahh! Stay away from me! Stay away from me!

(He gets in his Egg-Mobile and tries to fly away when Sonic approaches him)

Sonic: Not so fast, stupid doctor!

(He hits Robotnik one more time, making his Egg-Mobile explode)

Robotnik: Ahhh! I'll be back! (he flies away out of control)

Reece/Bubbles: Yeah, we did it!

Sonic: Eh, yo. Thanks for yo help

Reece: No probs, dawg

Sonic: Bye! (he spindashes away)

Reece: Dat was off da chain! Right, Bubbles?

Bubbles: Yeah! (she skidoos out of the game)

Reece: There she goes. (he skidoos out of the game as well) Yo, Bubbles!

(Behind him is another clue which is a creeper plush inside a bubble)

Viewers: A clue!

Reece: Y'all see a clue? Where?

Viewers: Behind you!

(He turns around and sees the clue)

Reece: A clue! It's a creeper plush! Y'all know what to do put it in our handy dandy......notebook!

(He draws the clue)

Reece: Well, we's got all three of dem clues. We's got all three clues! Y'all know what it's time for! Our Thinking Chair!

(He walks over to the thinking chair and sits in it)

Reece: Aight, so. We's tryna work out what game Bubbles wanna play. So, our first clue's blocks. And our second clue's a pickaxe. And now our third clue's a creeper. So, what game does Bubbles wanna play with blocks a pickaxe and a creeper?

Viewers: Minecraft!

Reece: Right! Bubbles wanna play Minecraft! Cos' the pickaxe is for mining, the blocks are for collecting and the creeper is an enemy! We jsut figured out Bubbles' Clues!



We just figured out Bubbles' Clues, we just figured out Bubbles' Clues! We just figured out Bubbles' Clues cos' we's really smart!

(Song ends)

Reece: C'mon, Bubbles! Let's play some Minecraft!

Bubbles: Yeah!

(The two runs excitedly to the TV room. Dissolve to the two sitting on the couch playing the game)

Reece: Dat's some cool house. Huh, Bubbles?

Bubbles: Yeah!

(Just as then, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper come in)

Reece: Look, it's Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper! Remember how we helped em with their game?

Mr. Salt/Mrs. Pepper: Frogger!

Bubbles: Yeah!

(Then, Shovel and Pail show up)

Bubbles: And Shovel and Pail!

Reece: Remember when we played Rollick with em?

Shovel: You guys are playing Minecraft!

Reece: Correct!

(Then, Sonic spindashes in)

Bubbles: Sonic! Remember we helped him defeat Robotnik?

Sonic: Yeah

Reece: Dang, dis day's been off da chain!

(He walks into the room where he invites the viewers in)

Reece: Thank y'all so much for yo help today!



Now it's time for so long, but we's gon' sing one last song

Thanks for doin' yo part, y'all really are smart

Y'know it ain't no troubles with my girlfriend Bubbles


We can do anything dat we wanna do!

Reece: Peace, y'all. Catch y'all later!

Bubbles: Bye

(Pan away from the house as the door closes. Bubbles looks out the window and waves goodbye)

Bubbles: Bye bye!

(End of episode)

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