6th Episode of New Version Season 1

What's Was Blue's Dream About?
What Was Blue's Dream About 055

3 Clues


Wrong Answer

Leotard that Rolled up on the Mat and took a Nap.

Answer to Blue's Clues


Magic Phrase Location

Sleeping Beauty's Dream

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Characters Edit

Voiceover for Clues Edit


  • The Grow Show - A Clue! A Clue!
A Clue A Clue (The Grow Show)
  • Adventures in Art - No! It's A Clue
No It's A Clue (Adventures in Art)
  • Blue's Senses - Notebook
Notebook (Blue's Senses)


  • Snack Time - A Clue A Clue
A Clue A Clue (Snack Time)
  • What Was Blue's Dream About - No A Clue
No A Clue (What Was Blue Dream About)
  • Blue Wants to Play a Song Game -Notebook
Notebook (Blue Wants to Play a Song Game)


  • What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? - A Clue A Clue
A Clue A Clue (What Experiment Does Blue wants to Try?)
  • The Grow Show - No A Clue
No! A Clue! (The Grow Show)
  • Notebook - Pretend Time
Notebook (Pretend Time)
  • Thinking Chair - Nature
Thinking Chair (Nature)
Thinking Chair Music

Incorrect and Answer to Blue's Clues

  • No! - Snack Time
No! (Snack Time)
  • Gymnastics Blue Dreams

Magic Phrase Edit

  • Going Places - Shimbaree Shimbarah
Shimbaree Shimbarah (Going Places)